Love, Peace and CM

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Turuk Mak Tao

Our beloved CM Tarun Gogoi has found new love at the twilight of his career-the love for a band of murderers. His flirting goes to such an extend that he is not at all bothered to lead the team of these anti social elements to Mata Rome’s durbar at center point of Sultanate. Rules are made and rules are broken in the name of peace talk. Criminals are enjoying luxury of state sponsored VIP treatment in the land of Azaan and Srimanta Sankar guru. While the entire nation is in the grip of inflation, price rise & the tsunami of corruption and scams creating havoc everyday, we as an Assamese community find a unique way of uniting and showing our strength. Together, we all gathered and gave heroic welcome to this band of murderers-as if they won us a war against corruption, inflation, price rise, poverty, unemployment-Shame on us!!

Anyone with least sense of reasoning can easily predict the outcome of such peace talk. The chief of the outfit not supporting the process obviously hijack the very cause of the peace talk. How can one expect peace to prevail in Assam when Paresh Barua still keeps on recruiting cadres to carry out his sinister agenda of sovereign Assam. I was under the impression that our CM is a learned man intelligent enough to understand the pros and cons of a political situation but the recent developments in Dispur compelled me to reconsider this long believed notion. May be he is nurturing some plans at the back of his mind which is more to do with political ambitions rather than humanity and actual peace in the state.

On the other hand, the timing of the peace talk creates a lot of doubt in my mind and I am sure there are many more out there who think the same. Why all of a sudden, after 30 years of arm struggle and bloodshed, a section came out for peace talk? The common link among all these pro peace talk section terrorists is they all were arrested first in foreign land. None actually came forward for greater cause of humanity and surrendered -so it’s enough to doubt their actual intension and their love for mother Assam and her pain. The peace process became their priority only when they were thrown behind bars. When these dreamers of sovereignty lost their own freedom then only they realized how it being to be a free citizen of a state. The only way out is to sell their ideology and bargain freedom with the state. Our intelligent CM didn’t miss the chance to encash this opportunity. It met his purpose of dual ambition of proving his superiority over Rajiv Bhawan in front of Dilli Sultanate and a solid issue to fight opposition parties against the various financial irregularities in different department under his Govt.


Bappi da did it once again

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Turuk Mak Tao

The first Indian to be on a Grammy Award Jury.

Sarbananda Sonowal joins BJP

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Turuk Mak Tao

Someone’s gain is always other’s loss-that’s thumb rule of nature. However, the bigger question is that it exposes the affection of AGP/AASU’s leadership towards the saffron brigade and their communal mindset. No matter how much these people from AGP/AASU shouts about their secularists mentality but deep down their heart they all have phobia towards minority communities. Parties like AGP/AASU & BJP always divide the society on the line of religion and gain political mileage out of it. This had been proved in the past with AASU’s involvement with RSS during Nellie Massacre, during AGP’s alliance with communal BJP and it has proved once again now.